RNDr. Marianna Danková, PhD.

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Danková M, Domoráková I, Fagová Z, Stebnický M, Mechírová E. Induction of ischemic tolerance by remote perconditioning or postconditioning as neuroprotective strategy for spinal cord motor neurons. Life Sciences. 2021


IF 5,037


Danková M, Domoráková I, Fagová Z, Stebnický M, Kunová A, Mechírová E. Bradykinin and noradrenaline preconditioning influences level of antioxidant enzymes SOD, CuZn-SOD, Mn-SOD and catalase in the white matter of spinal cord in rabbits after ischemia/reperfusion. European Journal of Histochemistry. 2019


IF 2,172


Domoráková I, Mechírová E, Danková M, Danielisová V, Burda J. Effect of antioxidant treatment in global ischemia and ischemic postconditioning in the rat hippocampus. Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology. 2009


IF 2,107


Fagová Z, Domoráková I, Danková M, Mechírová E, Kunová A, Stebnický M. Ubiquitin and endogenous antioxidant enzymes participate in neuroprotection of the rabbit spinal cord after ischemia and bradykinin postconditioning. Acta Histochemica. 2019


IF 2.107


Burda J, Danielisová V, Némethová M, Gottlieb M, Matiasová M, Domoráková I, Mechírová E, Feriková Danková M, Salinas M, Burda R. Delayed postconditionig initiates additive mechanism necessary for survival of selectively vulnerable neurons after transient ischemia in rat brain. Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology. 2006


IF 2,219