1st Department of Surgery

Intership topics for 3th year - Summer semester 2023/2024 - General Medicine

Topic 1. -  Surgical patient. Examination. Preparation and indications for operation. Bleeding in surgery.  (1st Department of Surgery)

Topic 2. -  Postoperative care of a surgical patient. Postoperative infusion therapy. (3rd Department of Surgery)

Topic 3. - Department of simulation and virtual medical education – incision, excision, wound suture, wound revision, types of stitches, practical skills training 

Topic 4. - Injuries of children, treatment procedures. (Department od Pediatric Surgery)

Topic 5. - Pediatric patient, congenital defects of GIT (Department od Pediatric Surgery)

Topic 6. - Plastic surgery. Wounds and their treatment. (Department of plastic surgery)

Topic 7. - Burns, classification, treatment. ( Department of burns and reconstructive surgery)

Topic 8. - Basics of traumatology. Muscle and tendon injuries, distortion, luxation. Classification of fractures. (I.+II.Orthopedic - Traumatology Clinic)

Intership topics for 4th year - Summer semester 2023/2024 - General Medicine

Topic 1. -  Surgery of the arterial and venous system (1st Department of Surgery)

Topic 2. -  Surgical diseases of the thyroid gland (Department of oncological surgery)

Topic 3. - Hepatopancreatobiliary surgery (Departnemnt of oncological surgery)

Topic 4. - Simulation center – chest puncture, ascites puncture, chest drainage, types of drains in surgery. Practicing practical skills on models.

Topic 5. - Thoracic surgery (1st Department of Surgery)

Topic 6. - Surgical complication of diabetes mellitus, diabetic foot, amputations, chronic wound care  (4th Department of Surgery)

Topic 7. – Robotic Surgery (Hospital Bory)

Instructions for students:

At the internship, you must bring your own pen, paper (notepad) and stethoscope!