Department of pediatric ophthalmology Comenius University

About us

Department  of Pediatric Ophthalmology specializes in vision disorders in children and it is one of its kind in Slovakia.

Since foundation in 1991, its activities keep constantly growing in quality and quantity parameters in all areas:

1 / curative and preventive
2 / educational
3 / research and publications
4 / referential


-  2 general outpatient clinics

-  specialized outpatient clinics with the focus on: glaucoma, strabismus, electrophysiology, vascular-metabolic diseases, retinopathy of prematurity, ophthalmogenetics, oncology, neuroophtalmology and uveitis

The ward includes 9 rooms with the capacity of the 15 inpatient hospital beds. There is a possibility of parent's accomodation especially for small children or children with special needs. There is also a VIP room for parent and child with higher-standard equipment.

Our team

doc. MUDr. Dana Tomčíková, PhD., MHA

Comenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Medicine, Klinika detskej oftalmológie
docent vysokej školy, univerzity

prof. MUDr. Anton Gerinec, CSc.

Comenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Medicine, Klinika detskej oftalmológie
odborný asistent vysokej školy, univerzi

MUDr. Monika Gromová, PhD.

Comenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Medicine, Klinika detskej oftalmológie
odborný asistent vysokej školy, univerzi

MUDr. Veronika Chalupková

Comenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Medicine, Klinika detskej oftalmológie
asistent vysokej školy, univerzity

Adriana Nittnausová

Comenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Medicine, Klinika detskej oftalmológie
administratívny sekretár

What we provide

Complete modern curative and preventive care

- Ophthalmological diagnostics

- Surgical procedures and conservative treatment of complete spectrum of eye diseases on world class level

Specialized care is provided to children up to 19 years and also adults with specific diseases persisting from childhood (strabismus, glaucoma, congenital and hereditary defects), that require our expertise.

Up-to-date cutting-edge treatment methods and medical equipment are continually introduced. Some of the latest are:


 1/ Diagnostic methods and special devices:

 - OCT device

- electrophysiology laboratory

- strabology examination room

- fundus camera RetCam II.

- tonometry with Pulsair and I CARE tonometers

- cooperation with Institutes of Molecular Genetics and Experimental Endocrinology

- new ophthalmological echograph

- extended screening of ametropia and amblyopia with new photorefractor

- improved diagnostics of refraction with retinoscopes in the outpatient and operating tract

- indirect videoophthalmoscopy


 2/ Treatment methods and preventive care:

- ROP treatment with the latest anti VEG factors (ranibuzumab)

- introduction of intraarterial and intravitreal chemotherapy

- new surgical method using Medpor implant by orbital surgery

- latest modifications of strabism surgery

- use of Ex-press and Ahmed implants in glaucoma surgery

- introduction of visual therapy using ophtalmopedy


3/ It continues and improves the quality of interdisciplinary cooperation especially in the field of:

- metabolic disorders with 1st Pediatric Department

- neonatology - consulting, prevention and early treatment of ROP

- interventional radiology procedures in cooperation with NUSCH - intra-arterial cannula chemotherapy in a. ophthalmica 

- cooperation with the pediatric ophthalmology departments in Brno and Prague


Adult patients are also provided specialized care at the department, especially in:

· electrophysiological testing

· ophthalmogenetic consultation

· complex surgical procedures for strabismus, nystagmus and ptosis

· patients treated as children, who have reached 18 years of age and require further specialized care

 Patients are referred to outpatient examination or hospitalization by an ophthalmologist or pediatrician.


Educational activities

- represent the second most important activity of the department

- undergraduate education - lectures and practicals for  medical students (in 4th and 5th year) of Faculty of Medicine Comenius University 

- postgraduate education - short-term (one week) and long term (3 months) professional internship (13-16 doctors a year).

Since 2008 our department has been approved to conduct postgraduate training and Ophthalmology Board Exam. Postgraduate educational concept was accredited for the Faculty of Medicine. It also runs a certified training in orthoptics.



Cooperation in research successfully develops with other universitiy departments - for example in Brno, Warsaw and Giessen.

In 2009 Department of Pediatric Ophthalmology took part in PHIZER - 6111137 Panda  clinical trial - Latanoprost in the treatment of pediatric glaucoma. Prof. MUDr. Gerinec CSc. participated as the principal investigator and MUDr. Bušányová PhD. as a co-investigator. Work on this trial and investigating other aspects also continued through years 2010-2015.

In 2013 a research project "Prevention of neonatal causes of blindness" was initiated and it continues with the support of  FMCU grant funded by the Ministry of Health.

Main research areas of focus: retinopathy of prematurity, strabismus, glaucoma, retinal dystrophy, visus inferior, ultrasonographic diagnosis, diagnostic electrophysiology, optical coherence tomography and introducing new microsurgical techniques.

Every year the doctors give cca thirty-three lectures, including seven presentations abroad, six publications in scientific journals and ten SCI or SCOPUS citations.