Department of Paediatric Dermatovenerology

Staff of the department

Head of the Department: Assoc. prof. Dušan  B u c h v a l d, MD, PhD.

phone 59371 284, 54652 067, e-mail:

Office Staff: Adriana S a b o v á

phone 59371 442, e-mail:


Assoc. prof. Dušan  B u c h v a l d, MD, PhD. 

Assoc. prof. Tibor   D a n i l l a, MD, PhD. - Branch of Science Dermatovenerology 

Assistant Lecturers:

Martina Hertelová, MD. 

Klaudia Frajtová, MD.

Lucia Solčaniová, MD.

Profile of Department

Department of Pediatric Dermatovenereology of The Medical School  and Children´s hospital provides courses in dermatovenereology  in General Medicine and in Nursing programe in Slovak language and in English language for foreign students, as well. Our teachers provide lectures  from dermatovenereology and to practical training.   

The department possess a certificate  of The  Ministry of Health for postgradual education in dermatovenereology. 

Department  exert  scientific reasearch in the field of imunological skin diseases,  mycological infections of the skin, histopathology of skin diseases and modern therapy with UV radiation. 

Department of  Pediatric Dermatovenereology of The  Medical School  and Children´s hospital is the most specialized department in Slovak Republic which provide special standard and overstandar medical care for childern suffering from skin and venereal diseases.